Latest Core Update: September 2022 Broad Core Update


Google Is Rolling Out Its September 2022 Broad Core Update The search engine giant Google has issued the broad core update for September 2022, the second core update for this year. It was anticipated that the update would take two weeks to fully implement. Learn how it may affect your search engine rankings and what […]

Google Core Updates 2022: Impacts

Google’s May 2022 Core Update: What’s the Impact So Far? We looked at how the May 2022 core Google update affected different businesses and studied the results to discover what may be learned from the resulting fluctuations in search engine rankings. Google typically rolls out several algorithm updates, with the vast majority going unnoticed. Additionally, […]

Google’s Core Updates: A Complete Guideline

What site owners should know about Google’s core updates? A core update refers to extensive modifications to Google’s algorithm and infrastructure that result in significant fluctuations in search results.¬†Google typically delivers one or more modifications to our search results each day. The majority are unnoticeable, but they help us gradually continue to improve. Occasionally, a […]

History of Google Algorithm Updates

History of Google Algorithm Updates Google’s algorithms are complicated computer programs that find relevant search results quickly and accurately from their search database. The search engine categorizes website results by relevance using algorithms and other ranking factors (SERPs). Google’s early years saw relatively few algorithmic adjustments. As a result, Google now undergoes tens of thousands […]